MoWeather iPhone 2.0 版正式发布!

MoWeather may be the best weather app in store 2014? 
Check it out in App Store. You tell us! 
*** 100,000 weather pictures everyday tell you the most accurate weather *** 
- Experience the weather like never before. 
- Enjoy the comfort from latest accurate forecasts. 
- Plan your personal/business life better. 
- Catch beautiful moments at your location. 
- Share your discovery journal with the world. 
- Explore new dimension from people live in the same city. 
- Give a like on the picture you like. 
- Shorten the distance with your favorite cities. 
Features :
-Simplified setting and neat layout. 
-Customized units swift. 
- Auto refresh 15-day forecasts. 
- Share friendly functions. 
- Endless picture stream. 
- All-in-One social sharing hub. 
- Personalized moment timeline.